Dear 5-10 visitors a day (Hey, I’m not complaining, I used to volunteer on “legitimate” web-sites that had less visitors),
Since my wife Gabby got a job working for the Union of Reform Judaism, a job she can do from home practically anywhere in the west coast, we decided to move to Portland, Oregon as a way of slashing our rent and much of our budget in half. After a grueling three weeks spent leaving our beloved San Francisco and moving into our new home in Portlandia (I couldn’t help it), I’m ready to once again start that Wonderful (Yes, with a capital W) process of looking for work, while spending most of my time trying to finish the confusing clusterfuck I call my first novel and probably bothering you a lot more with pointless, obsessive observations on everything film related and otherwise.

Since we’re no longer SF, Bay Area, or even California residents (sniff), the original title of this blog obviously no longer makes much sense, not that it did much to begin with. Although I considered keeping the title as a pathetic attempt at self-delusion, it’s time for me to move on. Therefore, I had to spend the three seconds it took me to change the title From San Francisco With Love to From Portland With Love.

The visual theme of the blog stays the same, since the shamelessly stereotypical hippie-psychedelic wallpaper also applies to Portland. But the second I find a theme that incorporates hiking, camping, Frisbee Golf, Powell’s Books and Voodoo Donuts (Yes, I haven’t been around much, been busy developing a hernia while moving 100 lbs boxes around all day long), I’ll change it right away. Until then, enjoy!


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